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Whispers of Gold

1.Station Sadness

2.Riding High - Ainsley Smith.
3. A Piece of Me.
4. Lanterns.
5. Just to Make you Smile.

6. My Inner Child.
7. Hear me Roar.
8. Over the Rooftops.

9. A Bucket of Smiles.

10. A Sinking Feeling.

11.The Tree.

12. Hands of time.

13. To my Love.

14. My Bluebell Wood.

15. Life is a Gift.

16. Sleeping with the Angels.

17. What's for Tea.

My poems are how I feel , how I express myself, there is only a selection here at a time well I'm never sure how far to go.

Never sure if I am talking to myself.

This is my stepping stone , my launch pad.

I write about what I see, feel , hear and think. I write what is suitable for all genre all ages about all subjects from a cute and cuddly bunny to losing a loved one, political to spiritual, comical to world eco matters. 

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