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10 years on from my first attempt at creating a webpage,I would like to introduce myself with more clarity. I am a mum of six really wonderful children. I am not using the word wonderful lightly as each is unique and talented in different ways (they don't always see their own talents unfortunately, only their siblings) and no they are not always well behaved they fight, argue, storm off but stand united when the need arises .

Each having their own problems and trials in life, at times bringing some minor issue to me to help deal with. The reason I say wonderful is because I celebrate the fact they are healthy, on the whole happy, capable and caring. As with all families there are ups and downs, my down is I no longer have contact with my one daughter and her children. This as time goes on is explained. But it still does not detract from the fact I think they are talented individuals who have a lot to give this world. Some may have found their niche, some still looking. If there are troubles within the family or not I still love them all because how can a Mother not.

My life has not been without it's uphill challenges and my children have helped me through these each and every day. I open my eyes each day and give thanks that I was lucky enough to have these young people in my life.Oh and before I forget I am also a nanna to Three handsome boys and Three beautiful little girls. One just born 4th May 2019 a little boy Arthur James .

What else is there to say, oh yes divorced more than once not even going to enter into blame for there are two sides to every story, I have written much about my life and will happily shoulder blame , but please nobody but the two individuals truly know what happens behind closed doors.

Then way back when the site opened this was the first post

Now after that brief introduction slowly I am going to share my recovery from Domestic Violence and my battle with PTSD and depression with you . How my family turned it's back through lack of understanding and knowledge, rather than face the truth. Maybe someone will read this and take heart and find some help.

I know I still have a long way to go, but I realise I am at a point to acknowledge all of the issues I have, and am ready to share them. It felt for many years that I was alone, that no one could understand. Then I met with Women's Aid and "oh my" I found that so many women and men suffer in silence at the hands of some bully. Now I could be harsh with my words but my poems are my release now. I still have flashbacks and remember some of the more violent incidents but I am working towards a brighter, happier future.
As time goes on I will share and if you want to send me a message there is a contact me page ....... Much Love
Kim Louise


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