My Bluebell Wood

Come join me in a peaceful place,
Take your time, no need for haste.
When its calm I need, time for me.
There’s a place in my mind that I can see.

I close my eyes, clear my head.
Take deep breaths, till I feel like lead.
A narrow path leads to my bluebell wood.
Like a velvet carpet round where I’m stood.

Overhead, a dappled sky,
Blue and white from up high.
A stream flows past, glistening and pure,
And on I go I’m safe I’m sure.

Wandering happily on this path, then I see a patch of grass.
A meadow awash with colour, and through this I must pass.
Across the field is a solitary tree,
And underneath is a bench I see.

Above me in the clear blue sky,
Many birds are flying by,
And the scent of nature fills my head.
To the right I spy a river bed.

As I arrive at this majestic tree,
A voice I recognise calls to me.
Come sit and talk to me a while,
My legs are tired it’s like I've walked a mile.

And so I sit upon the grass and talk to air,
Because I know that my loved ones are there.

Kim Louise 2009

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