A Bucket of Smiles

I make a bucket of smiles each day, to send out and share,
I give them away for free, because, I really do care.
To give a smile to someone is to give an irreplaceable gift.
It raises up the spirit and gives the soul a lift.
I make the smiles for everyone, be they young or old,
Then when I share them out,they spread or so I am told.
A smile can travel many miles, even across the sea,
Then when I am feeling down, they then are returned home to me.

I try to walk on sunshine because it makes the brightest smiles.
Sometimes it’s a struggle as life can be sad, a trial.
If you smile when no one else is there to see your face light up.
That’s the time to realise you have a full not empty cup.
So now I have to go I will leave you with a smile,
All I ask is pass it on and watch it travel miles.
Then one day if our paths ever cross again,
Just smile at me and return the gift my friend.

Kim Louise 2009 (originally published under my pen name of Cerys Andrews)

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