The Tree

Branches reaching to the sky,
Leaves gently blowing waving up high.
Greens and yellows, turning to brown.
Before gently falling to ground.

A solitary tree stands on the brow of the hill.
Looking down the valley at the old water mill.
Silently watching the passing stars.
This tree began life before motorcars.

Before space travel had been invented.
When the earths progress was slow, not demented.
This tree was here when man valued the soil.
When a good days work involved sweat and toil.

If it could tell about what it has seen,
Mistakes and triumphs, what a lot we’d glean.
As time goes on and man destroys,
With his machines and mechanical toys.

I can tell you this, our life will never be or rich and full.
Till we’ve taken time to stand on that hill.
Wisdom and beauty are there for the taking,
Respect natural creation that is life making.

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