Wheel of Time

As the wheel of time turns,
You would think man would learn.
That as civilisation has progressed,
We have caused this earth stress.
We have built and destroyed,
With our big modern toys.
Used and abused in every nation,
The fruits of this earth’s natural creation.
The mess from man’s destructive hands,
Littered around our once glorious land.
Ruins of cities forgotten in time,
Relics of ancients disappeared, no sign.
Countries devastated by mans need for war,
Leave a sad and sorry eyesore.
This planet that has turned with little fuss,
Now needs protecting from the likes of us.

I know that we alone can’t stop the wars,
But as one person I could do more.
Recycle, reuse, and create less waste.
Enjoy fresh local food , it’s a better taste.

If I, just me did my bit, you would soon see,
That the whole world would follow eventually.

Kim Louise 2014 (edited)

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