Suicide Note from the Heart (Words Unspoken)

Why did you do it? Will be the question asked.
Simple answer, you only ever saw a mask.
I smiled through the pain tearing me apart,
That my love was just the start.
Don’t blame yourself you could never have known,,
And tell the family it was in my head, mine alone.

I wanted so much to lose all doubt,
The demons inside had a louder shout.
I left behind a legacy of hurt
When I closed my eyes and hit the dirt.
For all of that I am sorry and sad
Please don’t label me selfish or bad.

I really tried to follow the path,
You must have heard my hollow laugh.
I never wanted to end it this way,
This has not been an easy day.
Goodbye, farewell, I love you so,
Now I feel it’s time to go.

I held your hand in my heart as I closed my eyes,
Maybe now I can sleep and the pain will die.

Jan 2013

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