Paper of White

Why so many words of sadness on paper of white ?
The brightness, I answer. Chases away the demons of night.
I will be happy when all my tears have been shed.
That’s when I can finally rest easily in my bed.
On waking each morn I look to the light,
Hoping to see the sun shining bright.

Tears fall silently I can't explain why,
Has my life always been a lie, a waste I cry?
I have hidden away inside of my head,
Buried my emotions as good as dead.
By hiding my feelings and taking the pain,
Slowly but surely it’s driven me insane.

I never realised how abusive my life had been.
In my mind it has played like a very bad dream.
So when reading my poems don't feel sad for me.
For my words I am using as a way to break free.
My darkness has cast shadows over many of my years.
Now it is time to turn on the light and dry my tears.

Kim Louise 2009

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