I See The Sun

I see the sun climbing over the hill,
my heart is racing as it starts to fill
with warmth I had not felt in so many years.
As it slowly rose my eyes filled with tears.

Was I sad? I am not really sure,
my feelings inside painful and raw.
I watched as the sun warmed the land,
it was at that point I held out my hand.

The tears fell slowly down my cheek,
in my heart it is sanctuary I seek.
Flashes from past sadness fly by,
and my heart continued to cry.

I watched my sun for hours as it shone so bright,
I felt myself absorbing the light.
I was dealing with the hurt and saying goodbye,
now I just want happiness to soar and fly.

The sun it set and sealed my thoughts,
I had learnt a lesson, be it self taught.
Tomorrow when the sun warms my face,
I know I will be in a happier place.....

Kim Louise 2009

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