Grandad's Tales

Whenever we say we are going to the farm to see Granddad, the children would shout for joy.
I suppose because his stories, would make you laugh until you cry.


“Ice cream kids” said granddad,
With a smile on his face.
“Do you want it warm or cold?”
The children’s faces creased.

“Well I would not want you to have a little cold belly”,
He’d laugh as he removed his farming wellies.
“So, shall I warm your ice cream up?
Then you could drink it from a cup”.


Have you heard the tale of those clever little rodents?
Who took the cheese from the trap that was not really meant?
The big one lay across the nasty device,
While the little one grabbed the bait for their tea, how nice.

Or what about,

The chickens that were in the old hen shed,
He told a silly lady that before they were fed,
They had to be milked as they were rather full.
I won't say she was thick, just a little dull.

So many stories I could tell,
Because as a child he told me as well.
From taking a ride to Timbuctoo,
To on safari at the zoo.

Life with Dad was the best you could ever get.
Rides to catch the bus so not to get wet.
Oh I forgot to say, on the tractor we got to sit.
Then ended up at school covered in cow's s(manure) t.  

Kim Louise 2014

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