All That She Wants

Twas the start of her life the day she cried,
For the past that had gone, hidden in a shadow of lies.
A childhood lost, covered with a painted smile,
Worn with an effort to cover every trial.

I wonder, did her sadness show in her face at all?
In her eyes? Or smile? Hidden behind her wall.
Did anyone reach out and give her some hope?
I have a feeling no one noticed, for she was a liar, a joke.

A child believes in what it is told from a very young age.
So I'm telling you it’s important that very first page.
If you imprint a story of negativity, that’s bad.
It will continue through life, the outcome is sad.

So today I am sat with these words spilling out,
My heart is weeping my child shouting out,
I just wanted to be loved by someone,
That someone should really have been my mum.

Is it to much to ask for someone to hold me?
To look in my eyes and tell me, they love what they see.
That I am important not a ruination of life
Is it to much to want an end to this strife?

Kim Louise 2014

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