Kim Louise Poems

A prince into a King

If I had one wish in life it would be,

To be with you for eternity.

We could share our dreams and hopes together.

Achieve all our goals because we would have forever.

I would add in this wish that we walk hand in hand.

Journeying through many far distant lands.

On beaches of white, next to seas of blue,

It would just be me and walking next to you.

Our lives would be so different in this wish of mine.

We would travel back erase all bad times.

But wishes are dreams from fairytales of old,

Romantic notions so I am told.

I can’t give you this wish of a fairytale life,

My world is pure pain like a twisting knife.

No sandy beaches can I offer, not even a riverside walk.

But you could hold my hand as we sit and talk.

Time is so precious, we are not here for that long.

Make your life special, like the words of a song.

Dreams can come true I believe, I do.

I dreamt of a Prince and he grew into you.

Kim Louise 20014

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